Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Al-Manar Broadcasts "The Third Destruction"

I get the overriding sense that the documentary film is more sick than I previously thought, more revolting than revealing, more twisted than tantalizing.

12/03/2008 'The Third Destruction, a new documentary film about the 2006 Israeli War against Lebanon, was launched in a press conference held on Wednesday at the Press Club in Beirut. The joint conference by Al-Manar TV channel and the Beirut International Center for production was dedicated to project the four-episode documentary that also addresses the repercussions of the Israeli defeat in that war. Politicians, Muslim and Christian religious figures, journalists and intellectuals attended the conference, during which a short promotion film was played.

Al-Manar general manager Abdallah Kassir described the documentary as an 'achievement' and vowed more Al-Manar documentaries.
"The title (Third Destruction) was taken from Talmud. They say that the first destruction of the temple was at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon 578B.C. The second destruction of the temple was at the hands of the Roman Emperor 70 A.C. And now they fear that the third destruction has already started after the July 2006 defeat in Lebanon," Kassir said.

The documentary will be broadcasted on Al-Manar next Wednesday.
It exposes the strategic fiasco within the largest army in the Middle East in light of the Second Lebanon War and the story of the Divine Victory of a resistance that transformed Merkava tanks, the pride of Israel's military industry, into a casket for invading Israel soldiers.

"Any Arab or even Western citizen can see this film; we're not talking about a film targeting a specific audience but about a film that presents what happened in July war from Israeli and western perspectives only," said Abdel Hussein Shebib, the documentary's author.

The film comprises testimonies and analyses by experts from Israel, Russia, the United States, Britain, France, Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon. It includes information and footage to be revealed for the first time.

The documentary is dedicated to the people of the Resistance, the Resistance itself and everyone who contributed in achieving Divine Victory. (Al-Manar)

How sick can they get?


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