Monday, January 05, 2009

Lebanon's Hariri Says Hezbollah Will Stay Out Of Fight

Thank you very much, Hassan! Viva la vida!

PARIS (AFP)--Leading Lebanese politician Saad Hariri Monday dismissed concerns that Hezbollah guerrillas might seize upon the fighting in Gaza to renew attacks on Israel's northern border.
"Yesterday, Hezbollah said that they would do nothing. I think that's a good thing for Lebanon," said Hariri, who is leader of the biggest parliamentary bloc in Lebanon's ruling anti-Syrian coalition.
"Lebanon's political parties know well what would be the consequences of a war with Israel today. We can see what is happening in Gaza and I'm sure that Hezbollah will make no bad mistake this time," he said.
Hariri was speaking in Paris, after having lunch with Prime Minister Francois Fillon at a time when France is engaged in a diplomatic campaign to rally international support for a renewed ceasefire in Gaza.


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