Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A big French scandal

How can this happen in a country like France?

Almost unreported by the French press, here is an article which makes the heros of la Resistance Francaise turn into their graves!

"After Nord-Éclair, France-Echos and Caroline Fourest, the weekly newspaper Marianne reveals one of the biggest scandals of modern France: in Roubaix and in the French département of Nord [near the Belgian Border], environmentalist and socialist elected representatives subsidized conferences and radio programmes for Islamists such as Hassan Iquioussen and Tariq Ramadan.

The Marianne delivery of March 11, 2006 contains a four-page article on that affair, exposed by Messaoud Bouras for years but strangely overshadowed by the media.

(Click here to familiarise with a great and courageous man, Messaoud Bouras.)

You heard it right: today, French elected representatives have, in their pitiful run for votes, made subsidies available for declared enemies of the French Republic through associations, radio stations or “school support” groups.

The beneficiaries of those generous gifts are people as despicable as Hassan Iquioussen, the anti-Jew preacher from UIOF [Union des organisations islamiques de France - Union of Muslim Associations in France], Tariq Ramadan, the takia-expert who wants to impose Sharia to French Muslims ("Tariq Ramadan est non pas un poseur de bombes, mais un poseur d'idées particulièrement nocives pour les libertés publiques" writes Caroline Fourrest in "Frere Tariq"), the notorious “Indigènes de la République” association [”Natives of the Republic”, “Natives” meaning here former colonized people, i.e. mainly of African or Arab descent] and their call for racist Jihad against people of French descent, or “school support” groups that form real Koranic Madrassas.

We are glad to see Messaoud Bouras’ long-lasting struggle rewarded. Although we don’t share some opinions of Marianne, we must recognize its courage to fight against some strongholds of conformism, such as the MRAP* or those environmentalist or socialist elected representatives from the département of Nord.

Fear changes side!"

*MRAP = Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples [Movement against racism and for friendship between people], a left-wing, pro-Muslim organization financed by French taxpayer’s money. Noteworthy is the fact that it changed its name from Mouvement contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme et pour la paix [Movement against racism and antisemitism and for peace]. The fight against anti-Semitism was strangely dropped out…


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