Monday, April 03, 2006

Churches are being destroyed in Pakistan

When diplomacy equals lunacy.

Multan (Pakistan):
"Christians on Sunday protested against the desecration of the Holy Bible and arson attacks on their places of worship in various parts of the country, terming the incidents ‘religious terrorism’.

Special services were held for those who had died in various incidents of violence against minorities.

“It is religious terrorism to set our church (in Mian Channu) ablaze during the period when we (Christians) fast. It is an attack on our religion and belief. We feel unsafe and insecure,” said Chaudhry Naveed Amer Jeeva, MPA and the coordinator of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance, South Punjab."

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When the Permanent Council for Scholarly Research and Religious Legal Judgment states that it is obligatory to destroy any church or other heretical house of worship that was built after [the advent of] Islam, and it is forbidden to oppose the ruler in the matter of its destruction, and he must be obeyed, is it any wonder that we are witnessing the systematic uprooting of Christianity from Arab countries?

"Attendance in Pakistani churches has gone down substantially because of frequent attacks on the holy places of the Christian minority, Yousuf M. Naz, a Bishop at the Laodicea Church of Pakistan in Orangi Town told The News. "Many people are scared of coming to church. They fear that there might be a bomb blast."
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