Tuesday, May 09, 2006

France: a Muslim for President

Soheib Bencheikh, former counselor to the rector of the mosque of Paris and former grand-mufti of Marseilles, announced yesterday his candidacy for the presidential election. A candidacy he defines: "totally grass-rooted and secular. A response to the bankruptcy of the traditional political parties".

He presents himself as a "moderate" Muslim, but does not flinch when Dr. Nasser Touyaih, a member of the Sharia Academy, proposes, during a conference of the World Islamic League, the formation of Islamic tribunals throughout Europe. He happens to be the 17th candidate for the office.

This candidate is a Muslim and quickly made clear the nature of his platform and the identity of his enemies.

"The hateful remarks of Mr. de Villiers, that were unfortunately widely circulated and relayed by the ambitious career-minded opportunism of Nicolas Sarkozy, are the symptom of the decay of civic spirit in a France that is more and more turning inward. Regarding the painful silence of the left, it is the reflection of a cop-out and of the ruination of its ideals,"
he explained.

Mr. Bencheikh, with a doctorat in religion, is president of CORAI (Council of Islamic Thought and Action) and has been a member of CFCM (French Council of the Muslim Cult) since it was founded. He now heads a project entitled "a reflection on the adaptation of the Muslim religion to the needs of society."

There is more than enough to satisfy the Islamophiles who will loudly applaud the candidacy of this "moderate" Muslim and who will scream Islamophobia to anyone who denounces this candidate. But, this theologian knows well how to manipulate takkya (the Muslim trick of lying or dissimulating to fool the infidels).

Why speak of hatred when de Villiers denounces the incompatibility of Islam with the republic because of the oumma, the sharia law, and the duty of jihad? Does HE not know better than anyone the true nature of Islam? Is it a turning inward to refuse the totalitarian dictates of this supposed religion? Surely it is! It's a clear bet this "moderate " Muslim will work hard to persuade resistant minds that Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance...

You will note that Nicolas Sarkozy's comment about the Islam OF France is turning on him like a boomerang and revealing to him the reality of Islam IN France. This does not surprise us: as soon as we heard the Muslim guerillas call the Interior Minister a "dirty Jew" during the November 2005 intifada, we knew that our analysis of the inevitable failure of Sarkozy's ambiguous position was accurate.

So, will we have a Muslim President of the Republic in 2007? It's not certain, let's just say for now that it's a bit of entertainment. But if Sarkozy or some left-wing politician enacts a law giving foreigners the right to vote, it could become plausible for 2012.
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France never ceases to surprise me! A candidacy like this one (let alone his success) can only have a detrimental effect of radicalisation of the French electorate, by which I mean the disappearance of traditional centre parties and the formation of two main opposing blocks not just competing but fighting for power. The French electorate should have learned a lesson from the European Elections of 2004, when the pro-palestinian movement of Dieudonne' got 12% of the votes in the Ile de France!
The French like playing with fire. (Often they are unable to extinguish it. Their fire usually spreads to other countries producing disasters!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Il sapore della candidatura รจ lo stesso di quello che ebbe la candidatura di CArmen Electra, famosa pornostar, alle presidenziali USa : candidatura di nicchia..... ( l'hai capita ? )


1:02 PM  
Blogger The Doc said...

L'ho capita, caro Abdul. Ma costui "rischia" davvero o di essere eletto o di spaccare la Francia in due grossi blocchi.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Debbie said...

This could very well happen. Don't you already have some Muslim politicians working their way up the ranks in London and Italy?

1:30 PM  
Blogger The Doc said...

"Working their way up?" That's an understatement! In Italy they now have Palestinians in government. In Londonistan they are everywhere, dictating policies and safeguarding their own interests.
Welcome to Eurabia!

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Esperimento said...

Eurabia is approaching... :((

5:16 PM  

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