Sunday, May 07, 2006

Italian Battle Group in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, 18 April 2006, ISAF Forces of the Italian Battle Group organized a ceremony to award certificates of proficiency to soldiers of the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) who had successfully completed a six-week training operation called ANA JOINT PATROL.

The joint training program with ISAF Forces and the 1st ANA Brigade Reconnaissance Platoon was part of the on-going training process to build the capability and military effectiveness of the Afghan National Army.

Italian, American and Afghan soldiers on foot patrol in Musiay Valley.
It was right in this valley that two Alpinis died three days ago.

ISAF's KNMB Italian Battle Group is well experienced in training ANA units, having run and organized many similar courses over the past nine months. The content and high professionalism of the courses is organized in close consultation with senior commanders of the ANA and Combined Forces Afghanistan.

ISAF SOLDIERS-AFGHAN FOOTBALL MATCH . "Together for a peaceful Afghanistan"

The Italian Battle Group is led by L'AQUILA Battalion 9th ALPINI Regiment, specialist forces highly trained in mountaineering techniques. From February 20 to the end of April, the Italian Battle Group also ran the first ANA basic Mountaineering Course with the aim to train 36 ANA soldiers to acquire knowledge and appropriate handling of mountaineering and climbing equipment, basic climbing and rescue techniques.

The Mountaineering Course was so successful that 28 of the participants are going on to attend an Advanced Climbing Course in Italy in the near future.

The teamwork and close co-operation that has developed between ISAF Forces and the ANA, particularly as conducting joint patrols becomes a routine part of their daily duties, is helping enormously in the process of building relationships of trust and confidence in the community.


Anonymous Debbie said...

Our soldiers do so much good around the world, and what do we hear in teh MSM? Only the bad. Only when they 'appear' to do something wrong or only when they are killed.

1:52 PM  
Blogger The Doc said...

You're so right, Debbie. To get news like this one the only way is to go to the DoD directly. Totally ignored by the MSM.

3:03 PM  
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