Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Russian Racism Rampant

TALLINN, Estonia (UPI)
Leaflets and a newspaper story attacking Jews and Muslims have appeared in the central Russian city of Tver`.
During the first half of this month, at least two unsigned broadsides and an article in the Tver` city government`s newspaper had attacked Jews and 'persons of Caucasus nationality' in crude terms. The articles are referenced at the Web site xeno.sova-center.ru/45A29F2/6DC4961?print=on.

One of the leaflets called on Russians to 'liberate (their) native land from kike fascism,' while the other directed its hatred to immigrant groups, 'the Caucasus mafias, or, as they call themselves, diasporas, who are precisely synchronizing their activities with the Zionist mafia that now rules Russia.'

There is some evidence that these leaflets were produced and disseminated not by marginal groups of racists and bigots, but rather reflect the views of some in the government there and may even have appeared and been disseminated with the connivance of local officials.

According to the SOVA-Center report, 'practically at the same time' that the leaflets were appearing on the streets of Tver`, the city`s daily newspaper Gorozhan, which was set up by the Tver` government, featured an article by Valeriy Kirillov, the former editor of another local paper, Tverskaya zhizn, echoing precisely the same themes.

It is no surprise that people who hate members of one group often will hate members of other groups as well. That has been an all too typical pattern around the world. But the appearance in a Russian city of materials that simultaneously attack Jews and Muslims should be a matter of concern not only for those two groups, but for all who care about human rights.

The situation in Tver` should serve as a wake-up call for all those who believe that attacks against one group will not spread to others, a danger that Pastor Martin Niemoeller warned about in Nazi Germany but a threat that some in the Russian Federation and elsewhere now appear to have forgotten.


Anonymous Debbie said...

Sorry to post off topic, but you have heard this haven't you? It's horrible, idiotic, stupid, ... I am so mad!

NEW YORK--Oriana Fallaci faces jail. In her mid-70s, stricken with a cancer that, for the moment, permits only the consumption of liquids--so yes, we drank champagne in the course of a three-hour interview--one of the most renowned journalists of the modern era has been indicted by a judge in her native Italy under provisions of the Italian Penal Code which proscribe the "vilipendio," or "vilification," of "any religion admitted by the state."
In her case, the religion deemed vilified is Islam, and the vilification was perpetrated, apparently, in a book she wrote last year--and which has sold many more than a million copies all over Europe-called "The Force of Reason." Its astringent thesis is that the Old Continent is on the verge of becoming a dominion of Islam, and that the people of the West have surrendered themselves fecklessly to the "sons of Allah." So in a nutshell, Oriana Fallaci faces up to two years' imprisonment for her beliefs-which is one reason why she has chosen to stay put in New York. Let us give thanks for the First Amendment.

8:45 PM  
Blogger The Doc said...

I bought the book as soon as it was published. I have actually read this article today. There is always a judge somewhere who wants to become famous by taking up a case against Fallaci or Berlusconi or somebody else. They fail miserably...Shame on them.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

La situazione per i musulmani e per gli ebrei in Russia è molto pericolante... bisogna vigilare per la tutela di entrambe le comunità, veramente.


12:56 PM  
Blogger The Doc said...

Caro Abdul, pensa che la Russia e' da oggi membro del Consiglio ONU per i diritti civili! Qualcosa non quadra.

1:07 PM  
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