Tuesday, February 19, 2008

German professors: We've paid for Holocaust in full

By Stan Goodenough
February 19, 2008

A group of German professors came to Israel to tell the Jews - of whom their countrymen murdered six million just a few short decades ago - they believed Germany has paid fully for what it did.

And because it had, they said, Germany should now stop giving Israel "preferential" treatment and behave more "even-handedly" towards the Arabs.

The bald-faced assertions were made Monday at a conference at Netanya's Academic College, according to Ynetnews.

These words, demanding to be "let off the hook already" after wiping out fully one-third of all the world's Jewish people, had long been "brewing just below the surface in Germany," stated the news service.

Nor was this the limit of these professors' gall.

Germany had actually helped to establish Israel by deporting 160,000 Jews to Palestine during the Nazi era, they said.

"These refugees ultimately ended up in Israel and bolstered its Jewish population at the Arabs’ expense."


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