Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chávez-Israel: War of Words

Chávez: “Colombia is the Israel of Latin America.”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez labeled Colombia the "Israel of Latin America" on his Sunday talk show Aló Presidente. Responding to events on Saturday in which the Colombian military made an illegal attack across the border in Ecuadorian territory, the Venezuelan leader called Colombia a "terrorist state," and gave orders to mobilize troops on the Venezuelan-Colombian border.

Chavez compared the actions of the Colombian government to those of Israel in the Middle East who he accused of "invading," "bombing," and "killing" the Palestinian people with the intention of "preventing the union of the Arabic world."

"It is the fist of the empire," he said. "And we're not going to let them plant another Israel here in Latin America." (Venezuelanalysis)

Israel replies to Chávez's comments

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry reacted calmly to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's statements comparing Colombia to the Jew State.

"No country should be offended if compared to Israel, even though Chávez has such an impression," Igal Palmor, a spokesperson for the ministry told DPA in Jerusalem.

"Any comparison to Israel is good, and should be understood that way." (El Universal)


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