Monday, March 17, 2008

Israel on high alert, fearing Hizbollah reprisal

17 March 2008

Israel has placed its security forces on higher alert, beefed up security at diplomatic missions abroad and advised Israeli travellers to put off trips to Muslim states for fear Lebanese armed group will carry out a revenge attack at the upcoming end of the mourning period for an assassinated leader, security officials say...

Inside Israel, security forces have been instructed to be especially vigilant against possible attacks by Hizbollah cells in Palestinian territories, officials said. Hizbollah is already suspected of involvement in a deadly attack on a Jerusalem religious seminary earlier this month...

With the mourning period drawing to a close, Israeli missions abroad have been ordered to beef up patrols and carry out even more rigorous inspections.
The Shin Bet internal security agency has sent reinforcements to particularly sensitive targets, like embassies and representative offices, security officials said. They would not release any further information about the security measures.

Israelis travelling abroad on private business have been asked not to travel in large groups, particularly to Muslim states. Security services have advised a delegation of architects bound for Indonesia this week to put off their trip, and a travel advisory counselling Israelis to avoid Muslim states and spots abroad frequented by Israelis has remained in effect since the assassination. (Jordan Times)

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