Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caught red-handed! Mumbai-based firm shipping nuclear material to Iran

Mumbai-based firm shipping nuclear material to an Iranian firm!

MUMBAI: A Mumbai-based firm supplying nuclear-grade graphite (NGG), a key ingredient of making an atomic bomb, is in trouble because customs authorities have served notice for allegedly attempting to ship a consignment of the material to an Iranian firm.

The notice, according to official sources, was issued to Nickunj Eximp Enterprises on April 9 for alleged violation of the Customs Act and the Foreign Trade Policy.

"However, the firm has not yet filed its reply. We have given it one month to do so," a highly placed official said, adding that the matter has been brought to the notice of other authorities including the Ministry of External Affairs.
NGG is a key material in the manufacture of nuclear bomb and its export to Iran has been prohibited by a UN Security Council resolution. Even the Union Commerce Ministry, in its notification dated September 7, 2007, had listed goods, including the NGG, banned from being exported to Iran. (NewIndPress)


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