Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lebanon: Arrested by Police, Freed by 100 Hizbullah

Hizbullah Surrounds Security Force, Frees 2 Detainees

Beirut, 17 Apr 08

Hizbullah freed two detainees after they were apprehended by police for having no identity cards on them, security sources said Thursday.

They said two bearded men on two motorbikes were stopped at the security checkpoint around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Qmatiyeh village near the mountain resort town of Aley, east of Beirut.

One of the cyclists made a cell phone call and shortly afterwards about 100 Hizbullah members surrounded the security force and freed the two men, the security sources added.

They said the Hizbullah forces also recovered the bikes.

Local media had earlier said the two cyclists were arrested for failing to stop at the checkpoint.

They said police arrested them after a chase and that Hizbullah members in Qmatiyeh swiftly surrounded the security force and freed the cyclists. (Naharnet)


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