Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ayatollah Khatami: US statesmen are terrorists, nurture more terrorists


Substitute Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran (Ayatollah Khatami) said here Friday world nations realize standard bearers of campaign against terrorism, US statesmen, tell lies, as they, particularly President George W. Bush, are theorists, and nurture more terrorists.

The substitute Friday preacher of Tehran added in his first sermon, relying on grace of God and the severe efforts made by intelligence ministry officials, a plot hatched in Washington based on Bush's order to the CIA to launch sabotage operations in Iran, was revealed.

He added, "The Intelligence Ministry arrested the members of a network that had planted a bomb at a religious center in Shiraz and eliminated ground for their further terrorist moves."

Ayatollah Khatami pointed out that the group that has made the criminal move in Shiraz is comprised of non-believers and they keep insulting God, the Prophet (P) and the Infallible Imams (P) in their media.

This week's Friday preacher of Tehran added, "The Americans chose a laical group, strengthened and mobilized it to launch terrorist attacks in Iran, the first of which was launched at Seyyed ul-Shohada Hosseiniyeh of Shiraz."

Khatami said, "The pure blood of the martyrs at that religious gathering led the officials to arrest the terrorists and to dismantle their broader plots. "Referring to the nasty objectives pursued by that corrupt and apostate group throughout Iran, he said, "They (the terrorists) intended to take revenge of faith and religion and were planning for another bombing at Holy Shrine of Lady Ma'soumeh in Qom, one at Qom Seminary, and another one at Feyziyeh Theology School of that holy city.

"The Friday preacher reiterated, "They (the terrorists) wished to take revenge of a people that have not been influenced by three decades of our enemies' atheist propagation and were even planning to plant very strong bombs at this year's Tehran International Book Fair, that could have led to a huge catastrophe."Member of the Leadership Experts Assembly referred to the political objectives of the corrupt terrorist grouplet and their undercover supporters, adding, "Their (the terrorists') other targets for bombing included the Consular Office of Russia and the sea-bed oil pipelines at Iran's Gonaveh Port City, all of which were by grace of God revealed and dismantled." --IRNA


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