Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tehran calls for demolition of all nuclear weapons

Iran's envoy in the European bureau of the UN in Geneva said full demolition of the nuclear weapons is the only real guarantee for getting rid of the their danger.

Iran's Ambassador and permanent representative in the European bureau of the United Nations in Geneva Ali Reza Mo'ayyeri delivering a speech in the UN Disarmament Conference underlined importance of the body as the sole source for multilateral negotiations on disarmament in the world.He strongly criticized the lack of progress in the nuclear weapons disarmament and proposed that the conference take the issue as the most important priority in its agenda.Referring to the existence of the tactical nuclear forces, strategic and continuous renovation of the forces and presenting new military doctrines upon usage of the weapons, he reminded the danger of existing thousands of nuclear weapons in the arsenals of the several countries as the biggest threat to the international community.He added upon article 6 of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) countries have commitments which have never been fulfilled yet and they are ignoring the desire of the international community in this concern.Mo'ayyeri expressed concern about the recent efforts of a number of countries for a new interpretation of the article 6 of the NPT and added, "Iran will never accept such interpretations and called for all nuclear countries to fulfill their commitments immediately and without any conditions upon NPT.Underlining necessity of compiling non-proliferation convention of nuclear weapons, the Iranian envoy said, "In our view full demolition of nuclear weapons are the sole real guarantee for not using or threatening the use of such weapons and countries with nuclear arsenals should give security guarantees to non nuclear countries through a binding treaty."Referring to the conference agenda in the current year, the ambassador said, "The conference needs a comprehensive and balanced program to remove concern of the all members." --IRNA (Mathaba)


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