Friday, June 27, 2008

Iranian Ayatollah: Islam's relations with Russia have 'bright future'

Мечеть Кул Шариф.Казань.Снимал с рук.

Voice of Russia-27.06.2008
The secretary-general of the World Forum for Rapprochement between Schools of Islamic Thought, Iranian Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Taskhiri, feels cooperation between the world of Islam and Russia has a bright future.

Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Taskhiri has told the Voice of Russia that Russian membership of the Organization of the Islamic Conference may enable Russia to bridge the gap between the world of Islam and the West.

It may turn Russia into a factor of global stability, he said. Ayatollah Taskhiri attended an international conference on Russia and the world of Islam which was held in Moscow last Monday and Tuesday.

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