Monday, June 30, 2008

Iran's Embassy in London protests to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

This beautiful map courtesy of the University of Sharjah (Link)

Iran protests British premier's improper name for Persian Gulf

MONDAY. JUNE. 30, 2008 Ettelaat

TEHRAN - Iran's Embassy in London protested to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown over the use of improper name for the Persian Gulf.

The Embassy forwarded a letter to Iran Coordination Group of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom protesting that in his latest speech on 'Creating a Low Carbon Economy' delivered on Thursday June 26, the Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP, prime minister of the UK used a strange and unprecedented term of 'Golf of Arabia' instead of legally and historically established name of Persian Gulf, IRNA reported.

The letter further reads that it is expected that the time-honored name of Persian Gulf which was used in ancient Admiralty charts and UN documents and emphasized by British and non-British archaeologists, historians, geographers, mariners, businessmen, politicians, explorers, scholars and researchers throughout ancient and contemporary history not to be compromised.

"The Iranian Embassy wishes to voice its deep dissatisfaction over this newly forged term which does not exist in any official or historic document be conveyed to Prime Minister, whilst reminding the international commitment of the United kingdom and urging for the use of the proper historic name of Persian Gulf."

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