Monday, June 23, 2008

Russia and Belarus condemn attempts to revise the results of the WWII.

23.06.2008 (

Russia and Belarus condemn any attempts to revise the results of the WW II. The statement came in a declaration signed between the Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Lukashenko in Brest, Belarus.

It is symbolic that the meeting took place at the Brest Fortress, where on June 22, 1941, the Soviet border officers were the first to repel the Nazi attack…

The 22d of June is a very tragic and at the same time special page in the history of Russia and Belarus, Mr. Medvedev said. The feat performed by the Soviet soldiers there deserves eternal memory. The defense of Brest Fortress will always remain one of the most important pages of our common military history. We bow low to those who liberate our Motherland at the cost of their lives…

In the meantime, nowadays some countries, mainly the Baltic states and Ukraine, are trying to doubt the results and lessons of the WW II and even treat Nazism as heroic movement and pay honor to pro-Hitler activists. The parliament of Lithuania has banned both Nazi and Soviet symbols, despite the fact that the Soviet army made the greatest contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany. Politically motivated approach must be opposed by honest scientific debates. Otherwise Europe won`t be able to learn lessons of its tragic and complicated history, the text of the declaration reads.

The sides emphasized the importance of further intensification of strategic partnership between Russia and Belarus for the sake of European security and stability. The lack of unity in attitude towards the Nazi Germany became the major bone of contention between the states and came as the major cause of the WW II more than 60 years ago. (Source)

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