Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ukrainian Extremist Group Threatens Violence Against Jews and Immigrants

(June 16, 2008)

A previously unknown group called the Union of Young Orthodox Ukrainians made antisemitic and racist threats at a press conference in Kiev, according to UCSJ's Lviv monitor. On June 11, the group held a press conference, during which they stated that, "Ukrianians have the right to any action in defense against the kike occupation and immigrants." The group's charter calls for "cleansing from Ukrainian television screens" all "Rabinoviches"--an obvious reference to Jews--and demands a struggle against unspecified forces that supposedly aim to "destroy the Ukrainian culture, religion and nation."

The emergence of this shadowy group comes at a time of rising anti-minority violence in Ukraine. At the same time, however, Kremlin propagandists have at times staged provocations aimed at discrediting Ukraine in the international media. (FSUMonitor)

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