Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bush accuses Russia over cease-fire

President Bush said Wednesday that the United States has received reports of Russian actions that are "inconsistent" with Moscow's statement it had halted military operations in Georgia.
His remarks came amid fears a Russian convoy advance into Georgia, and claims of violations on both sides, has left in tatters a one-day-old agreement by both sides to return to pre-hostility positions.
"The United States and the world expect Russia to honor that commitment," Bush said, adding that he was concerned over reports of Russian unit movements near the conflict-hit Georgian city of Gori. Read full article

Read also "Russian troops down Georgian drone over S. Ossetia" (RIA-NOVOSTI)
And "Russia had no choice but counterattack in S.Ossetia - Gorbachev" (RIA-NOVOSTI)


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