Saturday, August 23, 2008

Explosions rock South Ossetian capital

Взрывы боеприпасов предположительно произошли в Цхинвали в месте скопления техники, изъятой у грузинской стороны в ходе операции по принуждению к миру

( A series of strong explosions have shaken the area around the Emergencies Ministry in the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali. According to reports, the blasts happened at an ammunitions dump storing military equipment confiscated from the Georgians. It comes less than a day after Russian troops pulled out of Georgia.
Fire engines and emergency services are working at the scene. Irina Gagloeva from the Committee for Information and the Press in South Ossetia said shells had been exploding for 40 minutes in units of the transport company in the north-west of the capital. ”About 80 shells have exploded. Everywhere is covered in black smoke,” she said. The spokesperson says it’s hard to approach the area as it’s dangerous. Nearby streets have been evacuated. ”It’s not known what caused these explosions. Allegedly, these shells are the spoils of war left by Georgians. We still don’t know if anybody is inside,” she said. (Source)


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