Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mamma mia! The Ferrari V4 Superbike designed and built by Israel's Amir Glinik

With the engine of a modified Enzo Ferrari, the commands of the F-16 jet-fighter, the hand controls design similar to the control panel of the Ferrari F1 steering wheel!

Designed and build by Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik.

From Glinik's blog (pics): "The heart of the controlling system based on Ferrari engine Management computer. On top of it lays the human interface. It's a controller integrated with an all weather touch screen. You can manage bike systems or monitor information and Diagnostic info. Few of the systems you can operate from screen are suspensions mode drive mode, anti theft deviceRadio / GPS but this is only the starter. Continues Information like RPM, speed and gear status will displayed in a digital or analogue display switchable styleyou can switch between Km/h Sm/h. monitor all liquidsand temp's and even calculate the bike weight.

Rider is provided with up to 6 functions on each hand throttle handle is split in a way that half of it is rotatinghandles provide electronic signal output only. This meansthat you are pulsating 3 electric servo motors, the virtuallevers resistant is adjustable...
Hand controls design was taken from the throttle quadrant of the F16 jet fighter as a way to allow many control buttonsin ergonomically way...Buttons are mix of toggles push buttons and one finger dialsThis idea came as a solution to provide something similar tothe control panel found on the Ferrari F1 steering wheel…
"Active intakes" are automatically controlled by two servomotors that change the fins "split angles" to accelerate / regulate air flow during slow speed driving. and shut them momentarily during high speed major braking in order to maximize drag..."

Frontpage tonight on italian sites!
Ferrari V4 Superbike, un prototipo che fa sognare il mondo delle due ruote
"Ha il motore di una Enzo Ferrari modificato, i comandi di un jet F-16 e i pulsanti di una vettura da Formula 1" (Corriere della Sera and pics)


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