Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The long-range 120 mm mortars raining down on Israel are Iranian

"Just 25 minutes after the "humanitarian pause" declared by the IDF came to an end Wednesday afternoon, Hamas fired two Grad rockets towards southern Israel. One landed inside Beersheba; no injuries or damage have been reported." Ynet

The long-range 120 mm mortars raining down on Israel are Iranian.

The press calls the rockets "Grads" or "Katyushas," the Russian name given several generations ago to the original Soviet-made surface-to-surface missiles. Today, it would be more correct to label some of the missiles by their real name, the "Arash," the name given to them by their Iranian manufacturers. The long-range 120 mm mortars raining down on Israel are also Iranian in origin. The mortars are equipped with auxiliary motors to increase their range from six to ten kilometers. Those 40 km missiles Hamas is unleashing against Israeli cities are certainly not "amateur rockets… nagging the residents" of Israeli cities, as a Palestinian journalist recently wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.
The longest range "Grads" were manufactured in China and many of these were smuggled to Hamas via Iran. Visitors to Sderot's rocket heap museum of spent missiles can view Iranian-made weapons for themselves. Throughout 2008, the Iranian Arashes and mortars were fired from Gaza with deadly results. In February 2008 the mortars were fired at Kibbutz Sa’ad. In June the mortars were used against Kibbutz Nirim, killing one and wounding four. In November, eight soldiers were wounded by such a mortar at Nahal Oz. The Arash missiles were fired against Ashkelon on several occasions during 2008.

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