Sunday, February 24, 2008

Israel-Gaza: Hamas en masse

( Hamas plans to mass large numbers of Gaza residents along the border between Israel and Gaza Monday morning at 10 A.M.. According to Voice of Israel government radio, a Hamas source said the human chain will stretch from Rafiah in southern Gaza to Erez in the north.

Israel's security forces are on alert regarding the possibility that the human chain will turn into a massive stampede across the border with Israel. A security source said that there are no specific alerts and that the scenario is not a new one. The source said that Israel is concerned about the possibility that its forces will have to fire into an Arab mob that will try to storm the fence between Gaza and Israel.

The Hamas source hinted that the event could bear a similarity to the breaching of the fence with Egypt several weeks ago, but claimed that any such occurrence will be "spontaneous" and not pre-planned.


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