Saturday, February 23, 2008

Holocaust Nintendo DS Game

Luc Bernard, the mind behind the upcoming Wii-Ware title Eternity's Child, is already hard at work on a new and what is sure to be a very controversial game on the DS. Imagination Is The Only Escape is the story of a young Jewish boy living in France during the occupation by the Nazis in World War II. In order to escape the horrors around him, he imagines a fantasy land that becomes the basis of the game's world. The adventure platformer will attempt to educate players on the atrocities experienced by many children during the time of the Holocaust.

Mr. Bernard has sent Kotaku three initial screen shots from the game that he insists will probably be censored down the road for their use of Nazi symbolism.

From Luc Bernard's blog:
"Yes the press release isn't even out, but well we got into trouble, you see the nazi symbol is not allowed, and also you can't mention alot of things in games... but you can in films... weird huh?

I mean this game is the occupation of France from the eyes of a child, who escapes the horrors of the real world with his imagination. Yep no holocaust scenes or anything like that, but yet, why can't games talk about important subjects?

Oh well there will still be a press release next week"


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