Monday, April 03, 2006

A-Zarqawi stripped of political power

Is it good or bad news?
I know the answer, unfortunately. Now you make up your mind.

Leader of Al-Qa’ida in Iraq, Abu Mu’s’ab A-Zarqawi, has been stripped of his political power and will be confined to a military role, a senior Al-Qa’ida operative said on Sunday.

According to AFP, Hudhayfa ‘Azzam, whose late father ‘Abdallah ‘Azzam was the mentor of Osama Bin Laden, said A-Zarqawi has made “several mistakes.”

Dr. ‘Abdallah ‘Azzam, a Palestinian from Silat al-Harithiya (in the Jenin district), was a charismatic figure, Al-Qaeda’s ideologue and until his death, Osama bin Laden’s spiritual mentor. His doctrine focused on global jihad and the personal responsibility of every Muslim to liberate the lands of Islam from “infidel control”.

“The love of jihad [holy war] took over my life, my soul, my sensations, my heart and my emotions. If preparing [for jihad] is terrorism, then we are terrorists …” (Dr. ‘Abdallah ‘Azzam quoted on a small commemorative poster found in the offices of the Tulkarm Charitable Society, affiliated with Hamas).

Hudhayfa ‘Azzam said A-Zarqawi was wrong to make Al-Qa’ida in Iraq an independent organization and said he spoke in the name of the Iraqi people, “a role which belongs only to the Iraqis.”

He said the high command of resistance in Iraq is demanding A-Zarqawi gives up his political role. He will be replaced with an Iraqi, ‘Abdallah Bin Rashid Al-Baghdadi.

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