Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Expression Of Thanks To The Italian Government

A Petition to Call For An Expression Of Thanks To The Italian Government For Removing A Conspiratorial Anti-Semitic Website Targeting 162 Academics and Others

To: The Government of Italy

We, the undersigned college and university professors from around the world, wish to thank the Italian government for removing the website that targeted 162 academics and others as being part of a "Zionist " lobby in Italian academia after they signed the Scholars for Peace in the Middle East petition protesting the proposed boycott of Israeli academics by British university college faculty unions.

We stand in solidarity with and thank those colleagues from Italy, of different faiths and ethnicities, to let them know that they are not alone and that, as scholars, we have an obligation to stand against racism and anti-semitism.

We have learned from history that when intolerance and racial hatred is allowed to permeate academia, tyranny will prevail. The Italian government is to be commended for having learned the lessons of history.

Please sign and circulate this petition to as many colleagues as you can so that we can get 5000 signatures as soon as possible.

Many thanks.

Edward S. Beck, Ed.D., CCMHC, NCC, LPC, President SPME, Walden University

Board of Directors of SPME

Jonathan Adelman, Ph.D., University of Denver
Steven Albert, Ph.D., MPH, University of Pittsburgh
Brigitte Bailer, University of Vienna
Leila Beckwith, MD, University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)
John R. Cohn, MD, Thomas Jefferson University
Donna Robinson Divine, Ph.D., Smith College
Stanley Dubinsky, Ph.D., U. of South Carolina
Awi Federgruen, Ph.D., Columbia U.
Rev. India E. Garnett, M.Div. Treasurer, Harrisburg PA Chapter, United Church of Christ
Rabbi Peter Haas, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve U.
Judith Jacobson, Dr. P.H., Vice President, Columbia U.
Efraim Karsh, Kings College U. of London
Matthias Kuentzel, Ph.D., Germany
Richard Landes,Ph.D. Boston U.
Ruth Lichtenberg-Contreras, Ph.D., Secretary, U. of Vienna and Natural History Museum of Vienna
Robert S. Mirin, Esq., Harrisburg, PA
G.S. Don Morris, Ph.D.,California Polytechnic U./Wingate Institute IL
Philip Carl Salzman,Ph.D. McGill U.
Ernest Sternberg, Ph.D. U. of Buffalo


The Undersigned

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As an added security measure for signers of this petition to reduce the need to void anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic remarks that have been posted, as well as reducing the number of fraudulent signature postings, the authors might consider necessary to verify the authenticity of signatures. Unfortunately there are significant numbers of individuals who would like to sabotage the credibility and impact of this important precedent-setting petition. If you have any questions, please contact, Dr. Edward S. Beck, President, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Thank you for your understanding, support and patience.


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