Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hamas-Abbas: the Deadly Alliance

How much is Abbas' signature on the Annapolis Peace Agreement worth?

President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority said today in an interview with a Jordanian newspaper, al-Dustur, that he does not rule out the renewal of armed conflict with Israel.

Abbas was quoted as boasting about the fact that he was the one to "fire the first bullet of the resistance" back in 1965, adding it was the PLO that taught many around the world "how to resist, when resistance is most effective and when it is not."
"I had the honor to lead. We taught everyone, including Hizbollah, the ways of resistance. They were all educated in our training camps."

According to al-Dustur, Abbas does not demand that Hamas acknowledge Israel, but rather wants it to join a government which will negotiate the recognition.
Abbas also said he objects to Israel's definition as a Jewish State: "We negated the concept in the Annapolis peace conference and it almost ended because of it. They wanted us to state we recognize Israel as a Jewish State in the closing statements, but we wouldn't hear of it." (Lekarev Report)


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