Friday, March 07, 2008

30,000 long and short range missiles aimed at Israel

Min. Matan Vilnai: The Hizbullah is dominating all south Lebanon and no organization can act in south Lebanon without permission of the Hizbullah. It is obvious. Sometimes for them it is very convenient that a Palestinian organization takes the responsibility and will act against us, but everything in south Lebanon is not under the government of Beirut, nor the government of Damascus, it is basically under the Hizbullah and everything in south Lebanon is under the watchful eye of the Hizbullah.
(Briefing by Matan Vilnai-National Media Center, 8, 2002)

By Amihai Zippor

(IHC News Analysis, 06 March 2008)-The Iranian-backed terrorist group Hizbullah announced it is “well-prepared to face an Israeli, American and international war.”

According to the Hizbullah-affiliated Beirut daily, Al-Akhbar, Hizbullah deputy chief Naim Kassem warned on Wednesday, 05 March 2008 that his group “cannot confirm (there will be war) because it does not want to initiate it” but war looms and Israel will “have to pay a high price” when it happens.

His remarks come just days after UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon spoke of concern over the 30,000 long and short range missiles Hizbullah has stockpiled in Lebanon since the August 2006 Second Lebanon War cease-fire.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has portrayed that cease-fire accord, in the form of UN Resolution 1701, as a major victory for Israel but the situation today on Israel’s northern border is worse than it was before the war.

The only difference today is that Hizbullah is not allowed to show itself militarily in southern Lebanon, though smuggling through Syria, and as reported by Israeli military intelligence this week, through Turkey, continues.

The fact more international peace keepers were deployed in southern Lebanon as part of UN Resolution 1701’s stipulations was a positive development but the UN has not been able to stop Hizbullah’s activities in rearming itself and preparing for renewed hostilities with the Jewish state. (


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