Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ahmadinejad addresses family members of Lebanese and Palestinian Terrorists

Iran is the world's "greatest problem" said this morning President Shimon Peres and it didn't take long before Ahmadinejad confirmed the Israeli President's postulate.

Tehran, March 9, IRNA

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that the war crimes perpetrated by Israeli regime in Gaza Strip indicates desperation of the occupation regime in the face of the resistance movement.

Addressing a group of family members of the Lebanese and Palestinian martyrs*, he said: "The cowardly Zionist forces who do not dare to confront the Palestinian and Lebanese combatants, resort to indiscriminate bombardment of residential areas to kill women and children."

They should know that such crimes would not help them survive, the Iranian president said.

Iran has called on the International Criminal Court to bring to justice Tel Aviv leaders for committing war crimes in Gaza Strip in a series of air raids on residential areas since February 27.

"The bullying powers have no message for the world people other than weapon, killing and the logic of oppression," he said adding that the victory belongs to the oppressed nations.

Prior to President Ahmadinejad's speech, several relatives of the Palestinian martyrs lauded Iran's support for the oppressed nations of Palestine and Lebanon.

They stressed that the Lebanese nation will continue with resistance to the Zionists and the bullying powers until it achieves full victory.

* i.e. Hamas and Hizbullah Terrorists!


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