Thursday, April 17, 2008

Depressed in the UK? Then hold another conference on Israel's human rights abuses

The economy is in tatters? The National Health Service doesn't work? Half the population cannot afford to see a dentist? It's spring but feels like winter? Wait! Here comes the solution:

Hold another conference on Israel's human rights abuses

Apr 17, IRNA
An international conference is being held in London next month to mark the 60th anniversary of the creation of Israel in the same year as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Organizing the conference on A Look at the Conflicting Paths of two Contemporaneous Projects, the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC)** said it will discuss what human rights mean in the context of Palestine-Israel and what violations mean in regard to the treaty.
"The issue of Palestine and its liberation is one firmly based within the project of human rights. This conference interrogates the failure to protect Palestinian rights in the face of Israeli aggression," said IHRC head of research Arzu Merali.

"In recent years, criticism of Israeli attacks on Palestinian aspirations has been demonised. In fact, support for the Palestinians is actually support for human rights," Merali said.
Speakers at the one-day conference at the Islamic Center of England on May 5 include human rights and justice activists, academics and students from Palestine, the US and Britain.
IHRC is due to present brief overviews of international human rights issues and norms, including freedom of movement, the right to life, water, and global progress towards the universalization of these rights, which are frequently denied to the Palestinians.

** The IHRC organise the annual Islamophobia Awards. People vote in an online poll for who they think has been the most anti Islamic person of the year.


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