Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Terrorism: Ex pop star to feature in new al-Qaeda video

Kuwait City, 2 April (AKI)

A new al-Qaeda video will be released in three months featuring Hussein al-Ahmad, the former Kuwaiti pop singer who left for Afghanistan a few weeks ago in order to join al-Qaeda fighters in the country.

Al-Ahmad's friend, Miftaf Lughzi confirmed this in an interview with the Arabic satellite television channel Al Jazeera.
"I believe that a video has been produced by al-Sahab [the television production arm of al-Qaeda]," said Lughzi.

"He should have given an interview which will be released on the Internet in three months," he said.

"This is because he wants to become a symbol for the Islamic nation. A youth who has deviated has joined a straight path. They [al-Qaeda] will take advantage of this story in order to proselytise and convince other young people to unite with them.

"I believe that they will show what he was like before as a singer, and then how he is now after having entered al-Qaeda. Al-Sahab is very good at this type of media operation," he said.

Al-Ahmad's conversation has caused a stir in Kuwait with concerns that his actions could be emulated by other young people who love music and not war.

The former pop singer himself announced that he had headed to Afghanistan in a posting on Ana Muslim, an Islamic forum on the Internet.

This story about al-Ahmad was also carried by a Kuwaiti newspaper, al-Rai al-Amm.

Al-Ahmad became famous two years ago after he participated in a television talent show popular in the Arab world called Star Academy. (AKI)

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