Tuesday, April 01, 2008

“We are throwing a party, and the whole world is invited.”

The usual admirers of the Palestinians, Western hirelings of the Arabs, gormlessly consorting with them, a whole bunch of people who have been toiling in those same vineyards, for many decades, writing articles and signing petitions and sponsoring terror and "advising" governments on how best to appease the Arabs, the PLO, the Palestine Authority, are all invited.

by Dr. Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority

Dear Investors:

The Palestine Investment Conference (PIC) promises to be a historic event. As the first high profile investment conference ever held in Palestine, PIC-Palestine will jumpstart a process of integrating Palestine into the global economy.

The time has come to invest in Palestine. The international community showed its overwhelming support of the Palestinian economy in Paris last December, and PIC-Palestine intends to continue this process of creating an environment conducive to investment-led growth.

While the conference is private sector run, the Palestinian National Authority offers its full support and is working to make the conference a success. This conference will provide an opportunity to showcase the many promising investment opportunities in Palestine while strengthening public-private partnership and reforming the economy.

We are throwing a party, and the whole world is invited. This conference is a chance to show a different face of Palestine: a Palestine conducive to economic growth and international investment. I welcome you to Palestine for a chance to enjoy our hospitality, and to learn first hand that you can do business in Palestine.

Dr. Salam Fayyad-Prime Minister

Update: April 1, 2008

Palestine to hold first investment conference in May

Palestine: Dr. Hasan Abu-Libdeh, CEO of the Palestine Investment Conference, PIC-Palestine-2008, announced earlier this month the launch of the first investment conference in Palestine, scheduled to take place in Bethlehem, Palestine, from May 21 to 23, 2008. AMEInfo.com


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