Friday, June 20, 2008

British member of Parliament calls for sanctions on Israel

Lord Nazir Ahmed

Lord Ahmad criticised UK over pro-Israel stance

LONDON, June 20 (APP)- The British member of Parliament Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham has criticised UK government for what he termed as undue inclination towards Israel and called for a policy that helps to end the deprivation of the people of Palestine.

In a letter addressed to Foreign and Commonwealth Minister Lord Malloch Brown, Lord Ahmed stated that instead of strengthening its ties with Israel, UK should be seeking ways to end the miseries of the people of Palestine and those living in Gaza strip.

He called for placing sanctions on Israel in the same way these were enforced on South Africa during apartheid times.

Lord Ahmad said various UN envoys including John Dugard had stated that the regime in Israel is ‘designed to dominate and systematically oppress the occupied population.’

He pointed out that Israel’s actions constantly contradict with International laws and the most basic civil liberties.

“Basic rights are constantly denied to those in the occupied territories through force and terror and in certain circumstances both electricity and water have been denied even to the hospitals. I believe this is a collective punishment of the Palestinian people.”

Noting that the European Union is a guiding light for human rights and development in the world and its strength lay within its strong rule of law, he said advancement of its ties with Israel tantamount to hypocrisy on the part of the EU.

Given its track record on human rights, Lord Ahmed said Israel needs to be condemned rather than rewarded.

Lord Ahmed wrote this letter at a time when the EU heads of state are holding a meeting to discuss strengthening the EU’s political and economic ties with the state of Israel through the EU-Mediterranean programme.

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