Thursday, June 19, 2008

"We make the US wrap up their stuff and flee": Iran's Parliament Speaker

He reiterated, "If the Americans would make another mistake in the region they would be faced with champions that would urge them to wrap up their stuff from the region and flee."

Ali Larijani who was speaking at a gathering of the Islamic Coalition Party, 'Mo'talefeh', at the Parliament Palace added: "The Americans had assumed that the occupation of Iraq would be an easy job and that the Iraqi nation would back them up."

According to IRNA parliamentary reporter he added: "The US had assumed it could raise ten democracy towers in Iraq, whose shade would overshadow both Iran and Syria, but the Islamic Republic of Iran's proper strategy in the region made the Americans wonder what they had better do in Iraq." Larijani said, "They intend to take advantage of the opportunity that is created due to their previous conduct, but they had better know that another miscalculation would lead them to fall in another beys in which the more they would struggle for release the harder they would get entrapped."
He reiterated, "If the Americans would make another mistake in the region they would be faced with champions that would urge them to wrap up their stuff from the region and flee."
Larijani considered "wisdom-based resistance" for safeguarding the revolution as the "topmost principal observed by the Iranians", arguing, "Not only the fundamentalists, but also the entire groups are aligned for safeguarding the national interests."He pointed out that the Jihadi forces of the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas are the pioneers of change in today's world, adding, "Interpreting the moves made within the Islamic World as terrorism under such conditions that the Islamic society enjoys the pride of having Jihadi combatants is a grave mistake, since those groups are the soldiers of Almighty Allah."Larijani reiterated, "During the course of the 33-Day War the global arrogance invaded against an oppressed nation with all its might having assumed that they could in confrontation with the Jihadi combatants fighting for Allah's sake crash them fatally."He reiterated, "The US Secretary of State had at that time directed the March 14th group to disturb the internal situation, assuring them that the Zionists, backed by the US, too, would wrap up the work of Hezbollah, and that was their strategic mistake." The IRI Parliament Speaker said, "The Lebanese nation, in the framework of Hezbollah, resisted against the United States and Israel so that even their friends confessed to their defeat."Larijani said, "The sagacious stands adopted by Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah regarding the recent developments in Lebanon reveled the plots hatched by the arrogance and they begged assistance from the small country Qatar, where they yielded to the presence of Hezbollah in Lebanon."He considered all such Jihadi victories as fruits of the martyrs' pure blood, arguing, "The martyrs were those who changed the conditions and were involved in deciding the fates of nations."Larijani stressed the need for establishment of systematized grassroot parties in the country, adding, "Some political personalities in the country are opposed to systematized political work and they sometimes present analyses too, assuming that parties incongruous with the essence of the Islamic and Shi'a culture." He said, "They also argue that from the historic point of the view, too, parties have never managed to last long, but those assumptions are not genuine, since there have also been long lasting parties in the history of Iran."Larijani reiterated, "If the parties would move based on proper strategies and party plans they would definitely last long." Before the Parliament Speaker's address the Secretary General of he Islamic Coalition Party Mohammad-Nabi Habibi presented a brief report on his party's activities.He said that 95% of that party's activities are system-based, and not dependent on personalities' conduct, and that the 2nd General Assembly of that party would be convened soon at the presence of Islamic parties' representatives from around the globe. --IRNA

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