Monday, June 09, 2008

Gilad Shalit's family receives new letter from captive son

(BBC)- The family of Gilad Shalit has received a letter from the Israeli soldier, two years after he was kidnapped by Palestinian militants, reports say.

Noam Shalit said he had received a letter from his son but did not divulge its contents, Israeli media report. The letter was in Gilad's handwriting, and apparently written recently, Noam Shalit reportedly said.

The letter included a plea to Israeli leaders to save Gilad's life through a prisoner swap with Hamas, he added. The soldier was kidnapped from his post by Gaza militants in a cross-border raid in June 2006.

In April, the Damascus-based leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, told former US President Jimmy Carter that the soldier would be allowed to write to his family as a humanitarian gesture.
Monday's letter was reportedly passed onto the Shalit family by the Carter Center's office in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The Shalits had previously received two letters and a taped message from Gilad.

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