Monday, June 09, 2008

Lebanese ambassador to Iran voices sorrow over US allegations

ISNA - Tehran
Service: Foreign Policy

TEHRAN, June 09 (ISNA)-Lebanon’s ambassador to Tehran expressed sorrow over West’s remarks charging Iran with meddling in Lebanon’s domestic affairs and helping Hezbollah or other Lebanese groups.

“We believe that West’ views on Iran are only aiming at isolating the Asian country from the international community and keeping it away from power centers in the world,” Zein al-Mousavi said referring to US claims on Iran charging the country with interfering in Lebanon’s affairs.

Also concerning Doha agreements, he said the agreement could end Lebanese suffers and revive hope and peace across the country.

Since political unrests erupted in 2004, the agreement was the best way to quell conflicts among rival parties across the country and unify groups to elect a president, Zein al-Mousavi said.

Some Arab top officials as well as those of Iran gathered in Doha last month to encourage Lebanese rival leaders to elect a president and curb violence, a top post which has been vacant since Emil Lahoud left the office in November 2007.

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