Monday, June 30, 2008

Iran: Minister warns of increased spying activity by foreign groups

Tehran, 30 June (AKI) - Activity by foreign secret services in Iran has increased considerably in the last few weeks, according to a top Iranian intelligence official. The director of the Intelligence Ministry's counter-intelligence department launched the alert after speaking to journalists following the sentencing to death of an Iranian man convicted of spying for Israel. The unnamed official said that security checks in what he called 'sensitive centres' have been reinforced throughout the country. The top official also invited citizens to "keep their eyes open" and to point out "any suspicious movement" in and near what he called "sensitive centres."
The official accused the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel of having organised a network of spies and sabotage activities in certain Iranian regions. The regions include western Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Khuzestan, inhabited mainly by Azerbaijani, Kurdish and Arab minorities.

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