Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iran regime supports Iraq terror

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Source: Middle East Times

Secret details of the production of a new type of explosively formed penetrator, or EFP in military jargon, is being produced by Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps – Qods Force (IRGC-QF), according to sources in the Iranian resistance.

The information was revealed at a Parliamentary press conference held in London Tuesday by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, a group opposed to the rule of the mullahs. The NCRI revealed precise details of 51 weapons smuggling networks operating between Iran and Iraq. The group outlined the methods used to smuggle the EFPs and exposed the Iranian-backed terrorist militias operating in Iraq. The information presented to the media was backed up by satellite images obtained by the NCRI depicting a number of what was described as "secret sites."

"Based on the information obtained by the network of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran [PMOI – also known as MeK, Mujahedin-e-Khalq], the Qods Force is responsible for providing more than 80 percent of the arms, ammunition and bombs being used across Iraq," said Hossein Abedini, member of the NCRI's Foreign Affairs Committee.

Production and testing of the new models of EFPs


"Sector Five" of the Parchin Industry is where new deadlier models of EFPs are manufactured southeast of Tehran.

Moham Research Center

Several teams are engaged in this center in the development of advanced EFPs. Research in Sayyad Shirazi Industries Engineer Shahriar Moqadam, an expert on materials and metallurgy, works on armor-piercing projects in Sayyad Shirazi Industries, which is a series of factories of arms production industries.

Tir Square in Hesar-e Amir

Tests on newer models of EFPs are carried out at Tir Square in Hesar-e Amir in the Parchin industry unit. This area which is located in the vicinity of Parchin is specifically set up for the testing of new weaponry, including EFPs. The work undertaken there is considered top secret.

Smuggling of EFPs to Iraq

Currently the Qods Force uses parties and groups with ties to the IRGC as well as local smugglers in the border regions to smuggle bomb packages, rockets and other weaponry via the border posts in the provinces of Khuzestan, Ilam, Kermanshah and Kurdistan. The PMOI has uncovered 51 major weapons smuggling networks operating between Iran and Iraq.
"I have no doubt that the Iranian regime has been emboldened in their ambitions for the Middle East by the policy pursued by our [British] government and others of engaging with the Iranian regime and holding constructive dialogue with them," said Lord Waddington.
"Years into this policy, it is clear that there has been nothing constructive about this policy. Instead, we have witnessed the coming to power of the most extreme Islamic fundamentalist regime, one that has consistently violated international law and international human rights law, has aggressively pursued a nuclear weapons program and has persistently interfered in the internal affairs of Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, hellbent on exporting terror and corrupting these fragile states," the English lord said.

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