Friday, June 27, 2008

Iran to sue EU

Iran to sue EU at intl. foras for issuing fresh sanctions against it


Iran will lodge complaints at competent international courts against a group European Union states which have issued sanctions against it.

"European Union sanctions against Iran lacks any judicial basis and the country will file complaints at the international bodies against the few states," Deputy Head of the Judiciary for Administrative and Financial Affairs Hojjatoleslam Abbassali Alizadeh told IRNA here on Friday.
Hojjatoleslam Alizadeh said judicial and legal follow up of the case against the European Union is on the Judiciary's agenda. He declined to provide further details and said, "The EU's decision is fully politically motivated and lacks necessary justification to be enforced."
He went on to say that Iran's judicial laws, which are adapted from European models, especially the French ones, will be revised and compiled based on genuine Islamic rulings. He said the new law will be sent to Majlis for approval, adding that the judicial and penal laws have been revised at the Judiciary and 100 new articles have been added to the criminal procedure. --IRNA

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