Wednesday, June 18, 2008

North Korea may have hand in Syrian nuclear site

Wednesday 18 June 2008


Syria's suspected nuclear site, destroyed by an Israeli air raid last September, is once again under the microscope.The French daily, Le Monde, has published a report on the Al Kibar facility, confirming earlier US reports of a North Korean connection.The paper claims the UN's nuclear watchdog has information from several non-American sources that point to Pyongyang's involvement.Le Monde says that information includes satellite images provided by various countries.The International Atomic Energy Agency is to start inspecting Al Kibar next week. Part of its work will be to investigate on US intelligence alleging that Damascus had secretly built a nuclear reactor.
It's tight-lipped on the alleged link to North Korea. The agency's director, Mohammed El Baradei, also says he has no proof of a secret Syrian nuclear programme.
If it turns out the IAEA failed to spot such a programme, the watchdog's credibility could take a hit.

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