Monday, June 23, 2008

N.Y. Times Shocker: U.S. Army Flies UAVs

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A Warrior Alpha unmanned aerial platform with Task Force ODIN at Contingency Operating Base Speicher used by 25th Combat Aviation Brigade to provide long-endurance tactical reconnaissance for coalition forces in support of all Multi National Divisions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Photo by Spc. Bryanna Poulin 25th Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs) (from NewsBlaze)

The New York Times stunned the worlds of military aviation and Washington yesterday. Its scoop? That the U.S. Army, frustrated with lack of unmanned aircraft combat support from the U.S. Air Force, has launched its own air surveillance unit in Iraq. The revelation of Task Force Odin (for observe, detect, identify and neutralize) was a surprise--at least to those in military aviation and Washington who don't read Rotor & Wing.

At Odds With Air Force, Army Adds Its Own Aviation Unit

(The New York Times-June 22, 2008)
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