Saturday, June 07, 2008

Syria to establish embassy in Beirut

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Syria to establish embassy in Beirut, but...
Does it have to be just opposite the Iranian embassy in Bir Hassan?

Both embassies will have a foot-step in the heartland doing the same dirty job as the Iranians have been doing for the last 8 years! Lebanon should not accept the opening of the embassy before all Lebanese terms and conditions are met and fully implemented under and as per the U.N. charters:

1- The release of all Lebanese detainees from Syria
2- The recognition of the international borders and demarcation lines.
3- Official recognition of Lebanon by Syria as a sovereign country.
4- Guarantee for stopping the smuggling of weapons and terrorists.
5- Stop intermingling in the lebanese internal affairs.

Syria and Lebanon are going to exchange ambassadors for the first time. There will be a Syrian embassy in Beirut and a Lebanese embassy in Damascus.

The two countries have never had a diplomatic relationship, because Hafez Al-Assad didn't recognise Lebanon's independence. As Hafez used to say, Lebanon and Syria are one country with two governments.

But it wasn't just Hafez Al-Assad who wanted to re-integrate Lebanon as part of Syria - every single Syrian president has made it a part of their policy.
A policy supported by terror and violence, assassinations and political interference.

The announcement is due to be made when Bashar Assad visits new Lebanese president Michel Sleiman later this month.

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