Saturday, July 12, 2008

Any attack on Iran, sign of stupidity: government spokesman

Tehran, July 12, IRNA

Government spokesman said on Saturday that any attack on Iran will be a stupidity the consequences of which would engulf all.
"Such a military stupidity will not take place," Gholam-Hossein Elham said, adding that no country will dare to take such a military action.
As to the test-fire of Shahab-3 missile by Iran on Wednesday, he said the recent missile wargames were aimed at displaying Iran's combat readiness and potentials.
Elham added that the recent missile maneuver displayed only a small part of Iran's combat and defense power.
Such Iran's potentials are at the service of regional stability and security, he noted.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has never posed any threat to any country and will not accept any threat by other states, Elham said.
However, he added, the peace-seeking Iranian nation will not withdraw from its legitimate rights.
The 1,000-kg Shahab-3 missile was test-fired on the third day of a war game launched by naval and missile section of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps dubbed 'Payambar-e A'zam III' (the Great Prophet III) on Wednesday.
The 2,000-km-range Shahab-3 missiles were tested to demonstrate Iran's capability in hitting its enemies accurately at the early stages of their probable attacks against the Islamic Republic.
Domestic and foreign political and military analysts believe that Shahab-3 is able to reach targets in the occupied lands in case of Israeli may-be attack on Iran's nuclear sites.
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