Sunday, July 06, 2008

Iran and Venezuela agree on cultural ties


The Islamic Republic of Iran and Venezuela reached an agreement on cooperation in the fields of culture and information technology.

In a meeting with Iranian Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for Press Affairs Ali-Reza Malekian, Venezuelan Minister of Information Hector Soto stressed Tehran-Caracas further cultural relations.

Malekian, who is in Venezuela to attend the Seventh Conference of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), said that domineering powers seek to distort histories of other nations by imposing their own cultural values on them. So, he added, it was incumbent upon the independent countries to foil such plots. Stressing the role of cultural relations in strengthening bonds among nations, he called for mutual cooperation in media, art and cinematic fields to deepen the two countries' ties.

The Venezuelan information minister, for his part, expressed his country's readiness for setting up a cultural committee to follow up the implementation of the agreement.

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