Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did Sarkozy give Saakashvili an ultimatum?

Addressing the nation today, August 13, Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili announced that last night, speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy about the Ossetian settlement plan, he dissmissed flatly the sixth point plan about future international talks on South Ossetia's status.
In particular, Saakashvili said: “I rejected the document, despite the fact that I was blackmailed — they said if I wanted to remain in power I needed to sign the document. Till the end, till the last drop of my blood, I will be sticking to the territorial integrity and I will never give my consent for this variant.” (Source)

("Я не принял этот документ, хотя мне выставили ультиматум, заявив, что если я хочу остаться на посту, должен подписать этот документ. Я до конца, до последней капли крови буду держаться за территориальную целостность и никогда не соглашусь на такой вариант")


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