Monday, August 18, 2008

The Georgian port of Poti is now closed

Poti: carriages just outside the station

The Deputy Minister of Transport for the Russian Federation, Boris Korol, has tonight informed the Russian Government of the impossibility to unload ferries originating in Russian ports on the Black Sea in the Georgian port of Poti due to an explosion on the tracks which has damaged the rail system. (Source)

(Приостановлено паромное сообщение между российским портом Кавказ и грузинским портом Поти. Об этом на заседании президиума правительства РФ сообщил заместитель министра транспорта РФ Борис Король.
"Выгрузка парома приостановлена с учетом взрыва железнодорожного полотна между Гори и Поти, - отметил Король. - Другого морского сообщения в регионе нет, введен второй уровень безопасности.)

A Russian naval vessel has been stationed outside Poti Port since Monday August 11th and has been monitoring vessel movements in and out of Poti, although until today no vessels have been prevented from entering or leaving the Port.


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