Monday, August 25, 2008

Russia gathers troops to "welcome" US Navy in Poti

Россия ожидает в Поти американский флот
(Russia expects the American Fleet in Poti)

(Transl. from Russian) "According to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, several armoured personnel carriers with Russian soldiers have been gathering in and around the port of Poti, strengthening roadblocks and setting up checkpoints at major crossroads, including the port.
The Russian soldiers claim that their task is checking U.S. Navy cargo ships, which are delivering humanitarian aid to Georgia. However, American sailors are not willing to undergo this procedure. US destroyer McFaul is trying to unload in Batumi, which is not under the control of Russia, but does not have the appropriate port equipment, transmits the BBC. "

Read also "USS McFaul Brings Aid to Batumi, Georgia" (Official Website of US Navy)


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