Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “Israel will attack Iran in October”

This seems like a joke, but it's not..!

28 Aug 2008 13:17 Moscow - APA.
“Israel’s attack on Iran within two months is inevitable,” said chairman of Russian Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, APA reports.

He said that the attack would possibly take place in October. “As a result of this attack Israel, with support of the US, will completely destroy Iran’s military power. The war will be followed by a strong flow of refugees from Iran to the north. We can prevent flow of Iranian refugees to our country owing to the new security region we established in the South Caucasus” he said.

Zhirinovsky said over the course of the past 200 years Russia had protected Caucasian people against the attacks of Turkey and Iran. “Russia is the guarantor of peace and stability in the Caucasus. 20 more states will recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 5-7 years. Two more independent states have been included into the world map and this is a reality,” he said.

Reality is that until today only Hamas and Transdniestria have recognized the two republics!!! Na sdarovie!


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