Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great" heading for Venezuela

Огневая мощь (Таркр «Пётр Великий»)Фото: Телевидение СФ

"Our response to NATO naval manoeuvers in the Black Sea early September"- Russia

Several Russian warships will soon join Venezuelan warships in joint Russian-Venezuelan naval exercises.

The exact composition of the warships is kept secret, however it has been reported that at the head of the Northern Fleet ships is heavy nuclear missile cruiser Peter the Great.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in his weekly program «Hello, President!» has promised that Venezuela will greet the Russian ships «with enthusiasm and fireworks». (

Read also the same news on "Echo of Moscow": Группа кораблей Северного флота отправляется к берегам Латинской Америки


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