Monday, September 22, 2008

The «Russian fist» to strike America's belly

«Русский кулак» под брюхом Америки (Link to article)

Six "naive" questions about the Russian warships in the Caribbean Sea

(6 наивных вопросов о походе российских кораблей в Карибское море)
Виктор БАРАНЕЦ, KP.RU — 22.09.2008

(Translated "semi-automatically" from the Russian)
1. What are the warships going to do in Venezuela?
The heavy missile cruiser «Peter the Great», a large anti-submarine ship «Admiral Chabanenko» and several ships will ensure intelligence, maintenance and other tasks.

2. What is the combat potential of «Peter» and «Chabanenko»?
«Peter the Great» - one of the most powerful attack ships in the world. It can inflict large damage to the enemy, and can protect itself and the Fleet from attacks from the air and from enemy submarines. It has unlimited range, it is equipped with shock cruise missiles capable of striking targets at a distance of 500 kilometers of man-portable air defense systems. Cruiser firepower does not have a parallel in the world. The cruiser is equipped with anti missile «Granite» (20 launchers). In addition there is a range of anti-aircraft S-300F (96 missiles), anti-ship system «Dagger». The ship is armed with anti-aircraft missile and artillery range «Kashtan», providing self-defense from a number of «accurate» weapons, including rockets, bombs and warplanes. Plus - 130-mm «AK-130» (840 shells) with a range of up to 22 km. Has on board three helicopters.

«Chabanenko» is provided with the best strike weapons with a range of anti-missile «Moskit». For air defense the ship has two anti-aircraft missile complex «Dagger» (64 missiles), anti-aircraft missile and artillery range «Kortik». Artillery weapons - 130-mm AK-130. There are also anti-missile system with two rocket-launchers. For air reconnaissance the warship is equipped with two helicopters.

3. In the event of war can our Fleet resist an attack?
Thanks to their combined combat power, «Peter» and «Chabanenko» surpass all fleets in North and South America combined (except USA). And if one considers that «Peter» has tactical nuclear weapons in the form of warheads «Granitov», it is enough to assume that the ship can sink two or three enemy aircraft carriers. True, our admirals categorically do not want now to speak on this subject for obvious political reasons - as not to scare the Americans. Only one captain, asking not to be named, to my direct question - whether «Peter» carries nuclear weapons, responded: «Let them come and have a look!»

4. What tasks will be assigned to our ships in the upcoming November 10-14 naval exercises?
Multiple tasks: joint maneuvers in the territorial waters of Venezuela and the neutral waters of the region. Practicing all types of communications (in English, requiring the officers of our emergency team to speak in English), fighting ships, terrorists and pirates, rescuing ships in distress. In addition, our warships will make use of artillery and rocket fire in the neutral waters.

5. What practical benefits will these exercises bring to the Russian-Venezuelan partnership?
These maneuvers have primarily an important military-political importance for both countries. Further deepening military cooperation between Moscow and Caracas has become a serious «force» factor in the region. Bringing Russian naval and air forces to the U.S. - an adequate response to the movement of military bases and facilities of the United States and NATO to the Russian border. Russia thus tries to make a strategic «balance» and makes it clear to Washington that more than lip service is needed to oppose military threats.

6. How do you respond to American politicians and the military protesting the appearance of Russian ships off the coast of the United States?
In different ways. The spokesman of the White House not long ago said: where will Russia find ships that can sail to our shores? Russia has the ships and they have the right to sail on the seas, and oceans. The Americans are unlikely to be delighted...


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